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Laura Copeland, Utility panel

Laura Copeland is the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Education, Community Engagement and Government Affairs for the Philadelphia Water Department. She oversees the department’s outreach and educational programs to ensure they align with the Department’s mission and regulatory requirements and serves as the government liaison for local, state and federal elected officials.

Ms. Copeland joined the Water Department in October 2000 as a Public Relations Trainee and advanced to a Public Information Officer in December 2007 where she managed the Department’s Public Relations unit and served as the chief spokesperson for interviews with broadcast, radio and print media until January 2021, when she was promoted to her current position.

Ms. Copeland was selected to participate in LEADERSHIP Philadelphia, a prestigious organization designed to mobilize public and private sector professionals to work on behalf of the community and receive training to be Board leaders. She currently serves on the board for the Utility Emergency Services Fund.

She served as a Communications Specialist in the United States Army for four years and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. degree in Marketing from Temple University.


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