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ECA's mission is to help people conserve energy and to promote a sustainable and socially equitable energy future for all.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our History

Founded in 1984, the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) creates lasting solutions to the energy problems of low-income Philadelphians. ECA coordinates low income energy services, and administers high quality energy conservation, education, heating, and home repair services to reduce households’ energy costs and stabilize families in their communities. To build capacity at the grassroots level, ECA established a resilient network of what is now 15 Neighborhood Energy Centers (NECs), each of which serves as a one-stop-shop for low-income energy services, including weatherization, heating system repair and replacement, home repair, bill payment assistance, budget counseling, and home energy education. 


In 2009, ECA launched the Knight Green Jobs Training Center to prepare men and women, whose diversity reflects the city we serve, for clean energy jobs with a bright future. In the past nine years, ECA has provided over 5,000 entry level students, returning citizens, and building contractors with professional training that leads to stackable, portable, national credentials. These  include: Building Science Principles; The House as a System and Principles of Energy; Weatherization and Retrofit; Air Sealing, Insulation and Combustion; Building Energy Analyst; Heating Professional; Quality Control Inspector; EPA Lead Safety RRP; EPA Lead Dust Sampling; and OSHA 10. The Knight Training Center is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), and authorized as a Lead Training Center by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


ECA models energy saving and environmental protection in its own operation which is based in a repurposed, 58,000 square foot warehouse, built in North Philadelphia in 1850. The Knight Green Jobs Training Center has been renovated to the LEED Gold standard. A 3,000 gallon storm water management system provides non-potable water for toilets and utility purposes. The HVAC system includes thermal solar hot water, three heat pumps, and a reflective, non-heat-absorbing, elastomeric coating on the roof.

Our Impact

Each year, ECA accomplishes the following for low income families in Philadelphia:

  • Weatherize approximately 400 homes

  • Repair or replace 5,000 heaters

  • Provide energy counseling and utility bill payment assistance for more than 6,000 families through our 15 Neighborhood Energy Centers

  • Conducts do-it-yourself home weatherization workshops for 2,000 families

Each year, through ECA's nationally accredited IREC, ESCO, EPA, and American Red Cross programs, we train and credential 500 men and women, including veterans and returning citizens, whose diversity reflects the city we serve, for high demand, clean energy careers with a bright future. These include: BPI Building Energy Analyst, BPI WHASI, Solar Installer, Commercial HVAC, EPA Lead Safety, and OSHA 10.


The total carbon emissions that ECA averts through this work is 41,444.80 metric tons each year.

We Appreciate Your Support!

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