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Coming 2024: Mobile Energy Center!

Since 1985, ECA has coordinated a network of Neighborhood Energy Centers to prevent utility terminations and bring holistic support to Philadelphia communities. From help with utility assistance applications to connecting homeowners to weatherization services to lower their bills, our NECs have been a lifeline to critical services.

Now, we're taking the next step with a Mobile Energy Center!

A Mobile Energy Center (MEC) will allow our team to reach even more low-income families to assist them with energy assistance applications, budget counseling, and education workshops anytime, anywhere. Our team will prioritize serving Philadelphia communities with the highest energy burden by meeting people where they are, setting up at churches, libraries, and community centers during evenings and weekends to accommodate working families.

ECA just received a third generous grant from the Community Clean Energy Coalition Prize for this project, bringing the total to $215,000 raised. However, we expect upwards of $300,000 of costs to purchase an electric van, outfit it for community support, and hire staff to bring the MEC to those who need it. Even with other funding sources, this is where you come in.

Your donation will help us launch, scale, and sustain the Mobile Energy Center we're excited to bring to Philadelphia communities in 2024!

The Mobile Energy Center is a key investment in our city’s transition to clean energy. Please consider an end-of-year donation to create a more equitable energy future!


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