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Carilyn Rodriguez, Tangled Titles panel

My name is Carilyn Rodriguez, I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 19 I decided to leave my country and my family in hopes of the American dream. My Dream was to create economic stability for me and my family. I performed many jobs in this journey, with the focused of learning the English language. In the process life took me on a different path and I became a mother.

Now I’m a proud mother of two children. I have always found purpose to help others. During the pandemic, I started to look for new ways to improve myself and others around me. I came across the opportunity to work as a rental assistant specialist. I found that job very rewarding, and helping my community was something I always wanted to do. Within that position, I wore several hats supporting our clients and improving the life of others. A year later I was offer the NAC Coordinator position. Now almost 3 years later I found myself supporting this event, which I hope to be another stepping stone to help me find way to continue supporting others and my children.


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