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Brianna Timmons, Community Action panel

Wife, mother, and Philadelphia native, 29-year-old Brianna Timmons is the Recruiting and Marketing Coordinator for My Independence at Home, a homecare agency providing quality, compassionate services to adults and seniors with intellectual and physical disabilities. My Independence at Home employs over 300 employees, adding to the economic growth of our community. Brianna’s role focuses on business and brand development through marketing, social media, recruiting, public relations, event planning and networking. Brianna brings personable, compassionate, and out of the box approaches to developing powerful business and community relations, bridging the gap between corporate and our community. Her role at My Independence at Home affords her the opportunity to give back to her community, as she plans, organizes, and directs 100% FREE community events throughout various counties, with the help of her employer, Founder and CEO, Lisa Robinson, local politicians, and multiple corporate partners. In the past year she has organized a large Healthy Aging Block Party and resource Fair, providing over 500 adults, seniors, and children in our community with free health resources, screenings, food, and family friendly fun, this event was such a success she will be hosting it again this Fall. Brianna has also organized free field trips for our seniors, a free bingo tournament and a free senior prom. Recruiting quality, compassionate caregivers, marketing to help adults and elders with disabilities choose the best homecare agency for them, continuing to develop business affairs, community relationships, and continuing to keep MYIAH’s name relevant throughout and beyond the Greater Philadelphia region for both employment and anyone who may need services is just a few of the task she is responsible for. Conducting and participating in successful job and resource fairs, as well as attending, and conducting networking, social and community events, grants her the opportunity to continue to build relations and collaborations with Politicians, corporate partners, and CNA schools and programs, such as 1199c. Brianna’s main focus is developing growth in her career at My Independence at Home and continuing to contribute to the agencies prosperous success, while simultaneously providing her community with access to resources.


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