Energy Coordinating Agency 2019 

One problem for poor people that nobody talks about is that many of our neighbors in Philadelphia don’t have hot water, because they don’t have the money to replace their hot water tanks. There is no dedicated funding source that they can turn to. Our Heater Hotline staff gets many calls from seniors who are lugging hot water from their kitchens upstairs so they can wash in their bathrooms.

The mechanics of ECA's Heater Hotline

Thousands of our seniors are doing this every single day in our city. It’s very unsafe for them. ECA is dedicating our online contributions between now and the end of the year to help these seniors by repairing or replacing their hot water heaters. Our Heater Hotline mechanics see this problem all the time on the job, and they are ready and willing to use their expertise to help. To make a tax deductible contribution to support this or another aspect of ECA's work, please donate by using the form below. Thank you for your support!