Why Train with ECA?

There are few green jobs training facilities in the United States that can compare to ours.

The Energy Coordinating Agency’s Knight Green Jobs Training Center is a destination for individuals and professionals in the Energy Efficiency Industry to train and continue their careers. We offer high quality trainings and both written and field exam testing in our state of the art LEED Certified Gold for Commercial Interiors Green Jobs Training Center.

We ARE what we preach. We occupy a completely converted civil war era warehouse which usedto manufacture Civil War Union Army uniforms into the award winning and fully accredited training facility that houses all our operations, proving that reusing our building stock in the city and the nation as a whole can and does make business sense.

To register for a class, please download the fillable form accessible below and return to ECA's Registrar via email.

We’ve trained nearly 5,000 individuals in 21st Century careers since 2008 when we became the first Building Performance Institute (BPI) Affiliate in Pennsylvania. In 2012 we won accolades from the PA Dept of Labor for our ‘Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program’ and the City of Philadelphia as a ‘Center of Excellence’. In 2012 the International Standards Organization (ISO 9001:2008) certified us as one of their stand out Certified Training Centers. And in 2013 the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) decorated us as the First Accredited Training Center for Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania, the First Energy Efficiency Affiliated Master Trainers in the Nation and, the cake topper, the Clean Energy Training Program of the Year.

Come train with us and help us continue our tradition of excellence in the Green Economy.

ECA's Green Jobs Training Center not only teaches students about green building principles, it embodies them! The Training Center has been renovated to include the following "green features":

A R38 insulated white roof that exceeds the energy star certification
R15 BASF neoguard dense foam insulated drywall panels for exterior walls
Low-e, insulated casement windows to reduce heat loss while letting in daylight
A rain water harvesting system that provides water for toilets, urinals and washing trucks
Low-wattage, low mercury fluorescent light fixtures that use less than one watt of electrical power per square foot
Light fixtures that use dimmable switches with motion detectors to save energy and day light sensors to reduce electrical consumption
Solar thermal water heating
A HVAC system that exceeds ASHRE requirements for ventilation and energy-savings
Low VOC materials were used during interior construction
Low flow urinals and dual-flush toilets
Construction debris recycling
Exterior window shadings that reduce the heat load during the summer
A recycling program to process waste materials from the training center
FSC certified cabinets with recycled glass concrete counter tops
Low VOC paints and wood finishes