Facilities Tour

The Green Jobs Training Center not only teaches students about green building principles, it embodies them! The Training Center has been renovated to include the following "green features":

  • A R38 insulated white roof that exceeds the energy star certification
  • R15 BASF neoguard dense foam insulated drywall panels for exterior walls
  • Low-e, insulated casement windows to reduce heat loss while letting in daylight
  • A rain water harvesting system that provides water for toilets, urinals and washing trucks
  • Low-wattage, low mercury fluorescent light fixtures that use less than one watt of electrical power per square foot
  • Light fixtures that use dimmable switches with motion detectors to save energy and day light sensors to reduce electrical consumption
  • Solar thermal water heating
  • A HVAC system that exceeds ASHRE requirements for ventilation and energy-savings
  • Low VOC materials were used during interior construction
  • Low flow urinals and dual-flush toilets
  • Construction debris recycling
  • Exterior window shadings that reduce the heat load during the summer
  • A recycling program to process waste materials from the training center
  • FSC certified cabinets with recycled glass concrete counter tops
  • Low VOC paints and wood finishes