Water Conservation

A Burgeoning Crisis? A Nationwide Assessment of the Geography of Water Affordability in the United States

While basic access to clean water is critical, another important issue is the affordability of water access for people around the globe.

Water Conservation, Sustainable Practices
Water Conservation Adds Up: Did you know that wasteful habits may cost you 100 gallons of water per person per day? The average American family wastes 8% of all home water use through leaks. Repairing these leaks and installing water conservation devices is a guaranteed way to save hundreds of dollars per year.
Sustainable Practices, Water Conservation
Stormwater Management: Convert Stormwater into a Resource Philadelphia, like most older cities, has a combined storm and sewer system. In order to comply with the Clean Water Act, Philadelphia has adopted the most ambitious stormwater management plan in the nation: “Green City, Clean Waters.” Through this plan, the city is changing our urban habitat so that it may act more like the natural environment it once was.

That's how much water is frittered away every year in America. So take a second, and check your faucets, fix the running toilet: its National Fix a Leak Week! 


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