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Ocek Eke

​Dr. Eke is the Director of Global and Local Service-Learning Programs at Penn Engineering. In this role, Dr. Eke is responsible for organizing and overseeing service-learning courses in Philadelphia, Rwanda, Ghana, Hong Kong, China, Argentina, and Guatemala.

Dr. Eke is a mentor to Rebound Liberia, the 2019 President’s Engagement Prize winner, and a 2020 University of Pennsylvania Models of Excellence Award recipient.

He has developed a local service learning course in collaboration with Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia (ECA) for students at University of Pennsylvania. He is a senior consultant for Energize the Chain, an international non-profit organization that seek to provide vaccines to developing countries in Africa and Asia.

Prior to assuming his current position, Dr. Eke served as a senior consultant and Editor for Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development where he worked on climate change and agriculture resilience.
Dr. Eke has taught global studies and international communications at Penn State and UNC Chapel Hill, he has written peer reviewed publications and a book chapter.

Dr. Eke received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications and Foreign Service, and Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Baylor University; he received his Ph.D. in Mass Communication Research from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. PA.


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