Water Conservation

Water conservation has become increasingly important as drought has become a fact of life in certain parts of the country and as water rates have risen to cover essential infrastructure upgrades and stormwater management efforts.  In Philadelphia, due to the high number of low income homeowners,  there is significant exposure to the high cost of water.  Water conservation is an extremely effective way to immediately and cost effectively address high water bills. 

There are many steps that can be taken to ensure water conservation and cost effectiveness. An example of this is installing a Downspout Planter Box, shown in the image to the right. The box appears to be a basic garden box with water from roof gutters, but it is filled with gravel and sand which temporarily stores stormwater runoff. Pollutants are filtered through as the water infiltrates down the planter.

Rain barrels and rain gardens are also a great way to reuse water that would have ended up in the sewer system while adding aesthetically pleasing attributes to your home. The water collected from these barrels or gardens can be used to water your vegetation without having to pump water from your own hose or faucet, therefore preventing you from pumping extra money into that utility bill.

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