Low Income Home Assistance Program (LIHEAP)


LIHEAP is a federal program designed to help low income households pay their heating bills once a year.  LIHEAP has two grants:

Basic Grant -  This can be used for either the primary or secondary heating source

  • The average grant is approximately $170 a year.
  • You do not have to be behind in your payments to qualify
  • No lien is placed on your home

Crisis Grant – A Crisis grant can be used to:

  • Pay for heat if service is off or threatened to be shut-off.
  • Pay for fuel oil if customer is out of oil
  • Repair or Replace an inoperable heating system in the winter

Eligibility requirements

A family of four with an annual income of up to $35,280 can qualify for assistance. No lien is placed on your property if you receive this help.

Family Size   Annual
1................... $20,423
2................... $27,528
3................... $34,633
4................... $41,738

Owners and Renters are eligible
People with no income must show how basic needs are being met.

How to apply

To learn more about LIHEAP and find out if you are eligible, please contact your local Neighborhood Energy Center.

Apply at your Neighborhood Energy Center (click here for a list),  PGW and PECO District offices, senior centers, MOCS and other sites.
For the Crisis grant you must apply at the Philadelphia County Assistance Office at 1348 Sedgley Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19132.  For more information call 215-560-1583.
Operating Dates are usually November 5th  – April 3rd.