Our Energy Conservation Services

ECA's Energy Conservation Services and Programs

Climate change is undeniable and there is not a quick fix available now. There are innumerable organizations and individuals working daily to address one piece of the energy and conversation challenges. Too often, these solutions are not coordinated. What’s more, the solutions are market-driven and low-income households are increasingly left behind, as their energy cost burdens increase. We believe that mitigation, resilience, and conservation solutions must be coordinated, first within the energy sector and then integrated into medical, educational, workforce and financial sectors. The best solutions will come in partnership, an approach that is core to ECA.


  • PGW CRP Home Comfort: ECA provides extremely cost effective gas conservation services to PGW high users on the CRP program. Services include heating system replacement, air sealing, insulation, clock thermostats, education and low cost measures.
  • Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP): Funded by PA DCED from US Department of Energy and US Health and Human Services LIHEAP programs. ECA provides comprehensive energy conservation services to any qualified low-income household regardless of heating source.
  • PGW Home Rebate Program: ECA provides home performance services to non-low income PGW customers. These include audit, installation, education, and quality assurance.
  • PECO Smart House Call: ECA provides home performance services to PECO customers (non-low income).
  • EnergyFIT Philly: Funded by private sources. ECA provides comprehensive energy conservation and home repair services to high users who have been rejected for WAP because their homes are in such poor condition. This is program combines home repair and deep energy savings to restore health, safety and durability for low-income households which are otherwise at high risk of homelessness.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratories: This research project is testing B-venting systems in high efficiency gas furnaces. ECA is assisting in the field aspects of the research.


  • Heater Hotline: Funded by Philadelphia’s OHCD. ECA provides heating system repair services for approximately 5,000 low-income homeowners each year.
  • Crisis Interface: Funded by PA DCED from federal LIHEAP funds. ECA provides heating system repair and replacement services to approximately 1,000 low-income households each year.