Buy Local, Buy Organic

Buy Local, Buy Organic

Organic consumption is healthy for both you and the planet!

Did you know that the average potato travels 600 miles to get to your plate?  Buying local lowers CO2 emissions by reducing the distance your food has to travel to get to your mouth and you keep your money in the local economy.

Philly is home to a lot of sustainable businesses offering locally sourced and/or organic products. Just check out the Sustainable Business Network or the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance.

Use your phone for local, sustainable consumption? Yes indeed, there’s an app for that: just download MilkCrate! (

Natural does not necessarily mean organic. A lot of companies try to do ‘green’ branding without actually making products that are climate-friendly. Technologies have expanded the size of our fruits and vegetables without increasing their nutritional content and made them look ripe when they’re not. Organic foods have higher concentrations of antioxidants. Some agri-business foods have been found to carry high levels of cadmium, a metal so toxic to the human body that it has to be treated like lead and mercury.