About Events & Workshops

Energy Education and Awareness is essential to solving low-income households’ energy problems and boosting energy conservation. 

At ECA, we believe that education and awareness raising is critical at this time to helping achieve energy equality. We offer the following resources, learning opportunities and events.

One-on-One EducationProvided by our Home Energy Auditor and reinforced by ECA crews, and the Quality Control Inspectors. Energy conservation and energy savings advice is shared with the homeowner during our weatherization and conservation work.

Self-Help Energy Conservation Workshops: ECA's Community Programs department, will speak at your event, to groups as small as 20 or as large as several hundred people. We provide concrete, actionable advice and tips in energy conservation, water conservation, stormwater management. We will tailor workshops to meet your needs. Whether fixed-income seniors or a children's science group, whatever part of the City of Philadelphia you reside in, we're happy to work with you on crafting an engaging and informative experience.

Please note our PGW workshops are closed for the summer. Please contact your local NEC or ECA's Matthew Reid at MattR@ecasavesenergy in the fall if you would like to schedule a workshop.

Annual Sustainable Energy Conference:  ECA's anticipated annual fall energy conference features speakers from around the country, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania who share their expertise on new technologies, community-based best energy conservation practices, and updates from our local utility providers. This day-long conference typically hosts 150 guests.