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Steve Luxton

Steve is an experienced leader with a vast background in energy efficiency, bringing extensive knowledge of residential and light-commercial energy efficiency and retrofitting principles to a range of customers in a variety of settings over three decades. As the CEO and Executive Director of the Energy Coordinating Agency, Steve directs annual contractual obligations in excess of $14 million to deliver residential energy conservation to low-income families in the city of Philadelphia and the state of Delaware, as well as heater repair/replacement, utility bill payment assistance, and energy education for low-income families in Philadelphia.

Steve’s previous positions include Director of Quality and Programs EIC and Comfort Home at Clear Result, and National Program Manager and Technical Director at CMC Energy Services. In these positions, Steve worked directly with utility clients to maximize communications and relationship building; co-developed program and technical design; and managed a renewable energy project as mandated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Steve also co-developed a program to address the challenges of multi-family housing in limited-income programs to achieve the triple bottom line of energy efficiency—improvements in health and safety, increased resident comfort, and lower energy use.

Steve firmly believes that the energy efficiency is our nation’s single largest resource.


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