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Sharing the Good News

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

ECA is delighted to share multiple transformative enhancements to programming thanks to partners and allies:

  1. Congratulations to Nikil Saval and his team for stellar bipartisan work and successful advancement of statewide home repair for Pennsylvanians. The recently passed state budget includes $125 Million in statewide home repair funding to help homeowners and small landlords, making a real push back against the standing deferred maintenance issue across the Commonwealth.

  2. Thank you to Senator Street for helping ECA open the Philadelphia Water Heater Emergency Fund! Dozens of families will regain the ability to wash dishes easily and enjoy the simple dignity of hot shower at home.

  3. ECA friends and partners at the Philadelphia Energy Authorty have won $2 million dollars from the US Department of Energy to collaborate with institutions across the city to enhance weatherization implementation through the flagship Built to Last program, linking home repair, energy efficiency, and workforce development.

ECA looks forward to seeing the impacts of these investments unfold as we implement them for the communities we serve.


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