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Patricia King

Patricia King holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. Patricia has been employed by PECO Energy for the past 24 years. Since being employed by PECO, Patricia has held numerous positions in various departments, including Information Technology; Engineering; Asset Management; Human Resources; Revenue Management; Customer Financial Operations and Corporate Relations.

Patricia has been working with PECO’s LMI (Low-to-Moderate Income) communities for the past 15 years. Patricia is currently the manager of Community Engagement for PECO Energy. In that capacity, Patricia is responsible for all of PECO’s community outreach efforts for the LMI community. In Patricia’s previous position as manager of PECO’s Universal Services’ department (i.e., low-income programs), Patricia was responsible for management and oversight of 6 low-income programs that had a combined annual value of over $100 million dollars. Patricia has managed annual budgets of over $15 million dollars as well as multiple call centers. Patricia has been the recipient of several awards throughout her tenure at PECO including the “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” award.

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