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Myra Brown Bio

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

NWON Opportunities, LLC

Oversight of New Business, Training and Development, and Recruitment for NWON. NWON Opportunities provides work readiness and career preparedness workshops and training to job seekers. We help businesses meet their staffing needs while building a skilled workforce. Ms. Brown co-owns a construction firm in Philadelphia that provides renovation and remodel services for city and state entities.

34 years of Sr. Human Resources and Executive Leadership experience. Former Regional Director of Business Services and Employment for PA Careerlink. Director of HR and Diversity for The Philadelphia Orchestra. BA Communications and MBA both from Temple University. Goldman Sachs 10KSB Alumni, Cohort 26, Spring, 2022. Newly elected Chair of Board of Directors for Women’s Way.


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girls Delhi
girls Delhi
Oct 13, 2022

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