Energizing Our Neighbors in Delaware

ECA has spread its wings and is now a sub-grantee for the federally-funded Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) in New Castle County, Delaware. The program had been under-serving the low-income residents of Wilmington due to the complications of the city’s contractor requirements.

ECA is no stranger to working in an urban environment and undertook the role with great eagerness. As we approach our 16th month we have weatherized close to 70 homes and look forward to reaching 200 homes by next April. Wilmington’s primary housing stock is comparable to Philadelphia’s – rowhomes. ECA has weatherized over 45,000 rowhomes since 1984.

Our staff is comprised of Chuck Graves as Interim Program Manager, Veronica Irizarry as Field Operations Supervisor, Colette Davis as Program Intake Specialist, and Mariano Torres heads up the production staff with Malik Golston and Anthony Smith providing support. CJ Beaver and Lori Vicente round out our auditing and inspection team.

Delaware offers an ideal opportunity for ECA as it is largely wide open in terms of taking on new programs. Being within an hour’s drive of our main office in Philadelphia, it allows for a relatively easy commute for our Pennsylvania-based staff.

If you have any questions, please give our Delaware office a call at 302-504-6111. To find out more about WAP in New Castle County, Delaware, please give the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control a call at 302-735-3480 or visit their website at www.de.gov/wap.

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