Director of Training discusses Green Jobs in Philadelphia

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Planet Philadelphia, live radio show 1/18/19, 92.9 FM and, discuss the availability, quality, and training for green jobs, particularly for those in the energy efficiency field:

Energy Coordinating Agency's Walt Yakabosky spoke with WGGT-LP 92.9 FM, Germantown Community Radio, in a show originally broadcast on January 18th and now available as a podcast. The show, Planet Philadelphia, also features E4TheFuture's Pat Stanton.

Walter Yakabosky provided background about ECA’s work and array of programs including training and expected wage levels. His description of energy assessments surprised the show host by noting that the least effective and most expensive form of energy-saving installations are windows and doors. (The most effective, he noted, are insulation and air sealing.) Ashley Bowman gave details about current job openings and valuable partner connections, pointing to opportunities in HVAC and other specialties.

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