Community Hero Awards

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

ECA presented our annual Community Hero Awards on June 7th as part of our Community Energy Conference. A Community Hero is someone who inspires with their attitude, service, and persistence. The same can be said for a community agency that operates in unison to improve their communities and others around them.

We chose that day to bring praise to these unsung heroes for all of the good that they do. Here are the recipients and a bit of what their peers sang about them:

Anthony Baker Helping the Homeless

"This young man inspires many people in, out, and around his community to get involved with our surroundings and help our fellow man. His organization gives back to those that are often forgotten about and he does all of these things, all while working a regular job."

Elaine Johnson Latinas in Motion

Elaine is such a positive person. She is known for sharing inspiring messages with the community for uplifting the spirits of those around her and for motivating everyone to be all that they can be, even when they fail to believe in their potential. Women now run just to be free, to be fit, and to explore a new avenue that perhaps was one they never considered. Elaine has truly helped mold many women in our community and has started to cultivate a foundation of confidence, independence, and healthy living.

- Maryelis Santiago

Emily Lucas & Vicki Rosenzweig Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia

When we are frustrated with a project or overwhelmed by the amount of work, Emily and Vicki always keep us motivated and our eyes on the bigger picture. Emily and Vicki are not afraid of large projects that seem impossible; instead, they take them head on and work towards finding new solutions and cobble together as many resources as they can get their hands on. I nominated Emily and Vicki for continuing to motivate a dynamic staff, never turning their backs to a challenging project and for continuing to work towards a safe, warm and dry home for all homes that we touch.

- Katherine Randall

Ivette L. Velez NKCDC

Ivette is very caring and is passionate about the people in the community. We need more Ivette's" in the world! It would be such a happier place! She emits such a positive vibe just being in her presence. NKCDC depends on her knowledge of ECA programs and she knows them all. Ask her clients!
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