Community Energy Conference

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Over 150 people joined us on June 7 for our annual Community Energy Conference. Eighteen panelists passionate about seeing Philadelphia flourish shared some of their insight, knowledge, and inspiration about the opportunities on the horizon. The goal for the “Looking Toward the Future” conference was to talk about the good news that is happening every day in our communities as well as how to effectively confront current and future challenges. The room was buzzing with conversations and collaboration, and was a profound example of what it looks like when historically-marginalized communities across Philadelphia come together and envision a future where their needs and the needs of our most vulnerable populations are centered. Here’s a brief peak of the conversations that were fostered in early June!

Emily Schapira, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Energy Authority, started th

e morning off with a special keynote speech to welcome our guests.

Panel conversations included: Changing Neighborhoods, Workforce Transformation, Innovative Approaches to the Home, and Flourishing in a Changing Climate. Our panels were seamlessly moderated by Cherri Gregg, Maxine Dixon, Zakya Hall, and Dr. Rachel Valetta. We greatly valued their insight and expertise to guide these meaningful conversations.

Special thank you to PECO and their team for allowing us to use their space! We appreciate their continued partnership and hospitality.

Thank you to all the panelists, attendees, and those behind the scenes that helped to make this day so wonderful.

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