ECA Leadership

ECA has over 70 excellent staff doing amazing work- if you want to partner with us, these are the folks to talk to.

Lorraine Horton

Director of Community Programs

Empowers communities and stands with them

Carlos Riviera

Director of Philadelphia Conservation

Saves energy for Philadelphians

Veronica Irizarry

Director of Delaware Conservation

Saves energy for Delawareans

Walt Yakabosky

Director of the Training Center

Takes ideas from partnership to graduation

Cynthia Olidge

Director of Heating

The pillar of iron.

Ruth Brown

Director of Human Resources

Keeps the people working

Dave Huffnagle


Makes the money work

Steve Luxton


He's the firefighter

Thomas Flaherty

Director of Development and Maketing

Wants your attention and money.

Energy Coordinating Agency