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Heater Tips & Troubleshooting

If your Heater Stops

Check the Thermometer

The Heater won't come on unless thermostat pointer is set above room temperature

Check Energy Switch

Most oil heaters have one near the top of basement steps and one near the heater. Gas heaters have one near the heater.

Check Fuse or Breaker

Replace blown fuses or reset tripped circuit breakers. Most heaters use 15 amps

If you heat with Gas...

If pilot light is off, follow instructions on heater. If not instructions. DO NOT attempt to relight

If you heat with Oil...

Check oil level in tank, if empty you need to prime agter you get delivery. After primining, push reset. If burner doesn't stay lit. DO NOT continue to push


Freezing Water

If your steam or hot water system breaks down during freezing weather get repairs to prevent broken pipes and radiators. If down over 24 hours, drain the system.

Stop Health Issues

Change Filters

Change filters on oil heaters whenever the heater is cleaned. Forced warm air system filters should be changed at least twice during the heating season

Don't Run Out of Oil

Sludge can form on bottom of tank and clog fuels line and burner nozzle

Lubricate Motors

Once a year

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