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HACE’s mission is to combat community deterioration through economic development initiatives that address commercial revitalization, employment opportunities, the creation of safe affordable housing, and the provision of support services to meet the needs of the community residents toward re-building the neighborhood’s economic base. We focus on the possible and work to restore our primary neighborhood so that residents will benefit from sound investments while improving their quality of life.We have an exceptionally productive track record. Families, our seniors and our disabled residents live in more than 300 housing units built by HACE.Support Services are a critical component of community development, as it is these services that enable families and individuals to function as committed and productive members of the community, capable of stabilizing and maintaining their neighborhood(s) to ensure a quality environment in which to live and raise a family. HACE’s Support Services program seeks to improve the quality of life of each constituent and resident. Support Service initiatives are a key component of HACE’s affordable housing developments. The founding of HACE Management Company (HMC) in 1997 was also a critical component in effectively implementing these initiatives, as HMC provides a direct link between the CDC, the Support Services staff and the residents. HACE Management Company which is responsible for managing all of HACE’s housing units aids in maintaining direct and open lines of communication with residents, enabling the overall organization to better determine and meet resident needs.

HACE’s Resident Services staff is available daily to assist residents on an as needed basis. In addition, volunteers are recruited to assist the Resident Services staff in effectively implementing many of the programs that are offered. Residents are provided with on site Support Services programs and links to other services in the community. Informative lectures are scheduled regularly and address topics of concern and interest to residents and the community at large (refer to list of Lectures). Ongoing programs include a Women’s Support Group, Resident Council, and Town Watch programs. Holiday events, back to school events and special adult and youth forums are also offered. Annually, from July to September the Villas Del Caribe Summer Program is open to resident youth. The program provides cultural enrichment, social interaction, recreation and educational programs. It is designed to enhance the overall well being and quality of life of the participating youth. The impact of this program helps to counter less positive influences and enticements common in many urban communities. During the school semester the Villas Del Caribe After School Program replaces the Summer Program for resident youth. Each of our programs is designed to encourage and foster self-sufficiency in a supportive atmosphere.