Cool Roofs = Cool Philly

The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) has operated EnergyFIT Philly since 2013, demonstrating an innovative approach to the prevention of homelessness by preserving and stabilizing affordable housing currently ineligible for energy conservation programs due to roof leaks and other home repair needs. The project addresses the growing problem of physical deterioration of existing affordable housing which prevents as many as 65% of high energy use households in Philadelphia from having their homes weatherized, and which leads to the irrevocable deterioration of the home. The project aims to reverse the downward slide of low-income neighborhoods that have concentrations of homes in poor condition.

EnergyFIT Philly is dramatically cutting energy costs, increasing durability, and improving health and safety in the homes of high users by repairing, then insulating and weatherizing homes using spray foam, high efficiency equipment, advanced diagnostic techniques and other innovative treatments. The program brings energy conservation, health and safety treatments, education, and bill payment assistance services, together with home repair in order to reduce low income homeowners’ maintenance and operating costs, thus enabling them to remain in their homes and build equity as the neighborhood steadily increases in value.