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Peco floats a $97M solar trial balloon

by Andrew Maykuth, Staff Writer  @Maykuth

September 23, 2016

Congratulations to Diversified Community Services Executive Director, Otis Bullock, Jr.,

The Philadelphia Tribune has named hims as one of Philadelphia's Most Influential African American Leaders. 

From our colleagues at the Appliance Standards Awareness Project in Boston, a blog on US Department of Energy's new standards for furnaces. The change in proposed rulemaking supports small furnace energy efficiency reaching 92%, which had previously been benchmarked at 80%.

Based on a design by Taylor Knoche and painted by renowned, local muralist, Danny Torres. The mural was painted on an ECA-ownded building on Front Street in West Kensington during the very hot month - August 2016.

ACEEE has new report telling the energy efficiency success story,  and mapping the ways it will continue to revolutionize power, improve physical and financial health, mitigate climate change, 

ECA Comes in First Place at EnergyPath Conference

Read the article on the event and the contest below or visit this

  • Gallup Poll Results
    Gallup Poll Results

According to a March news update from Gallup Polls, "seventy-three percent of Americans say they prefer emphasizing alternative energy, rather than gas and oil production, as the solution to the nation's energy problems." This is the highest response for alternative energy since the